BÜHLMANN Laboratories AG

BÜHLMANN is a globally active, fully independent, family owned Swiss company. BÜHLMANN is developing and manufacturing unique immunoassays and we are setting “gold standards” in the market with a series of BÜHLMANN Products like Calprotectin including assays for clinical chemistry analyzers like the turbidimetric Calprotectin assay fCAL turbo that, in combination with the reliable CALEXTM Cap stool extraction device, is setting a new standard in automation. Another turbidimetric assay is the BÜHLMANN fPELATM turbo Kit for pancreatic elastase. With the CALEX Collection Set it is possible now, that the stool extraction can be done directly at home by the patient. This saves time and efforts for   the laboratory since the automated pre-analytics (centrifugation & decapping) as well as the measurements of fecal calprotectin and p-elastase can be done directly from the ready-to-use extracts using the high quality BÜHLMANN assays. Other tests offered by BÜHLMANN for clinical chemistry analyzers are ACE kinetic, GHB and Vitamin B6. On our new generation of our Quantum Blue® POC system we offer a variety of rapid tests including the TDM tests for Infliximab and Adalimumab as well as Anti- Infliximab and Anti-Adalimumab. With our Flow CAST product group we offer outstanding tests in the field of Allergy.

As unique as our products are our distribution fields. After more than 30 years of very successful collaboration with DPC, BÜHLMANN is today the leading independent supplier for quality molecular diagnostics solutions. With Seegene, Cerca Biotech, EntroGen and Liferiver we can offer fully automated and multiplexed MDx systems for every size of laboratory, including a competent technical-, application- and logistics-service. Everything out of One Hand!

BÜHLMANN Laboratories AG
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