Promoting laboratory medicine research

SULM aims to foster laboratory medicine research in Switzerland. This will be achieved by bringing together researchers from various disciplines, institutions, and professional groups. Research results from a wide variety of methodologies are made visible on a common website. In addition, research groups from all over Switzerland will present their activities. As a result, the visibility of laboratory medicine research in Switzerland will increase, as well as the exchange of ideas between research institutions and groups. It facilitates research collaborations across disciplinary, methodological, and institutional boundaries.


SULM is pleased to announce its association with diagnostics. Diagnostics is an international scholarly open access journal of the MDPI publisher (Basel, Switzerland) focussing on medical diagnosis. It is indexed in MEDLINE/PubMed and has an impact factor of 3.6 (2022). SULM members are offered a discount on the article processing charges. Reported works by Swiss authors are being presented on this website.

Section Clinical Laboratory Medicine

We have recently launched a new section of the journal: Clinical Laboratory Medicine. Laboratory testing plays a vital role in the delivery of health care, affecting approximately 80% of medical decisions. A patient's test results can have a major impact on diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment monitoring, if the significance of the results can be established. However, it is often difficult to interpret test results for an individual patient, making medical decisions subjective and highly variable. This problem is primarily caused by inadequate evaluation and missing clinical studies. Besides, translational research has produced many promising and innovative analytical techniques that have never reached the clinical stage.

The aim of the Clinical Laboratory Medicine section of Diagnostics is to advance both preclinical and clinical research on these topics. The manuscripts can be either translational or clinical in nature, and they are expected to focus on innovative or established laboratory tests intended for diagnostic, prognostic, and monitoring purposes. All analytical techniques and medical specialties are welcome.

Special Issue: Highlights in Swiss Laboratory Medicine 2023

A Special Issue is now open for submissions from all lab medicine disciplines. The development of new laboratory analytics techniques, such as proteomics, genomics, metabolomics, and immunoprofiling, has enabled extremely sensitive analyses of biomarkers, sometimes down to the level of individual cells. Additionally, the use of multiplexed techniques allows researchers to determine hundreds of biomarkers simultaneously without causing any interference. Despite this, most of these techniques are used only for research purposes, and very few of them have been successfully translated into clinical practice. This Special Issue wishes to contribute to addressing these problems. We invite laboratory experts from all specialties and scientific societies to contribute to the evaluation of laboratory tests. We hope that we can arouse your interest with our Special Issue, and we look forward to your contribution to support laboratory medicine progress.

Prof. Dr. Michael Nagler
Prof. Dr. Gilbert Greub
Prof. Dr. Vera Ulrike Bacher
Guest Editors

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During the submission process, (a) select the correct journal diagnostics, (b) select SULM from the drop-down list of associated organizations, and (c) enter the discount code (available from for members of a SULM affiliated organization).

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Prof. Michael Nagler, MD, PhD, MSc;